Loft Conversion Types

The Loft Conversion Design Phase

At Foster & Co. Lofts we can offer several options and approaches to a loft conversion. Every loft conversion is bespoke to the customer’s needs but in essence the fundamentals to all loft conversions usually fall into one of the four categories below.

Roof window loft conversion North London

Roof Window Loft Conversion

A Roof Window Loft Conversion can be an appropriate option for opening the loft to light and rejuvenating the space. We work with Velux to bring you the best in roof  window systems to the highest standards to homes throughout North London and Hertfordshire. A roof window loft conversion can be used on all types of lofts – even flat roof conversions. Velux windows also work really well with home extensions and kitchen extensions for homes that have rear ground floor space.

Hip to gable Loft Conversion

Hip To Gable Loft Conversion

This is where a section of sloped roof is lifted and a box section of the roof is created adding more head room. This is quite common in North London properties, especially on semi-detached properties. 

Dormer loft conversion North London

Dormer Loft Conversion

You will see these all over the UK and this is where the window extends out from the roof. A Dormer loft conversion is a popular choice as it provides more headroom and can really open out a loft and provide great views.

Mansard Loft Conversion

Mansard Loft Conversion

Another option is to expand out with more than one window creating more headroom and light.

Foster and Co can work with you directly or your own Architect to find what the best design for the structure of your property would be. Once the ideas are formed, Foster and Co will help you maximise the amount of space you can have in your new roof rooms and create a modern, stylish and spacious area for you to enjoy.

Your Local Council And Your Neighbours.

Although many loft conversions come under permitted development, this can still be a little confusing to some of our clients. Foster and Co will work with the architect to advise on what is required by your local council in order to proceed with your loft conversion. When completing structural work to your Loft, you will need to consult your neighbours and often put in place a Party wall agreement. We will advise on the best way to do this and assist you with the legal documentation to make sure your Loft conversion follows all the rules and regulations and you and your neighbours are fully protected.

For more information of Loft Conversion Regulations, please see our dedicated Regulations page.

Starting Your Project

Foster and Co will offer a full works programme which will advise on the stages of your Loft conversion and what to expect each week. In conjunction with this, Foster and Co will organise all of your site set up including arranging for your Build Notice with Build Control. When you reach your start date and our skilled team arrive, your property will be ready to start works with a fully protected and prepared site.

Foster and Co Client Packs

The Foster and Co office team will produce an easy to understand client pack for you to follow before your project begins. Not only will this include the Works programme, you will also have a full copy of you contract, an agreed payment plan which works in conjunction with the stages of the build and further documents for client additional requests and neighbour’s letters informing them of your project and what to expect.

For examples of our client pack, click here to learn more.

Internal Products.

Within the shell of your loft, you will have many features that make it your individual space. This includes windows, doors, sanitary ware and decoration. Foster and Co will assist you in sourcing all of these products and managing the orders and delivery to keep your project running smoothly. Foster an d Co always use the highest quality suppliers and will be able to offer our clients full use of our Trade discounts where available.