Foster and Co Loft Conversions North London is a specialist division of the Foster and Co Group that is dedicated to creating spacious and innovative areas in vacant loft spaces.

As a Family run company, Foster and Co Loft Conversions can provide a unique service, with the Directors understanding how a project can affect family life. Nicholas and Joanna Foster have been able to build a company that is both professional yet sympathetic to all our clients and with the help of experienced office staff and a skilled trades team, Foster & Co can offer a modern take on a traditional loft conversion company.

As a director, Nicholas has gained loyal customers across North London using his knowledge to guide our clients through every phase of their conversion. Our Testimonials show his capability to work with property owners to achieve their dream build and offering his advice to make each project individual to the specific needs. Nicholas is attentive and resourceful, with many clients expressing their gratitude at his ease of dealing with any unexpected issues that may arise. Whilst Loft conversions may begin with plans, Nicholas is able to visualise the project and his ability to stay one step ahead allows him to use his inventive ideas to help the development evolve into the existing building.