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Know More About Loft Conversions in Enfield

When looking at lofts in the Enfield area, you’re going to want to convert your loft in such a way that is cost-effective and practical. In order to facilitate this, a lot of people who live in the Enfield area are often looking at the different types of conversions available. In a view to try and facilitate a successful conversion, we put together some information about the various types of lofts which a person can implement into their Enfield property.

The Hip to Gable Loft Conversions Enfield

The Hip to Gable loft conversion is something which is becoming increasingly popular as a way of creating extra space within your property and is ideal for loft conversions in Enfield. The premise is that most properties have a roof which is hipped, so it has sloping side for those who aren’t aware of the terminology. It means that loft space is sometimes quite limited, which can make it tough to create a loft conversion without actually extending your property, and needing lots of paperwork and planning permission to be obtained. How the hip to gable conversion works is by effectively removing the sloping side from your property instead of creating a vertical side to the building which is called the gable, which is the same height as the ridge on the roof. After this, space in between the two is filled and expanded. This creates an additional space which can be used for anything you want, ranging from an extra office to another bedroom for or a play area for small children.

You won’t need planning permission to get the hip to gable loft conversion. Since 2008, laws have been in place which allows homeowners to create a small amount of development work on the property, which is known as a permitted development. The permitted development doesn’t require you to notify any local authorities, however, if you’re unsure as to what constitutes a small modification then, by all means, contact the local authority, and confirm what their policies entail and whether it will interfere with your planned extension.

The hip to gable loft conversion is suitable for any detached or semi detached property with a loft in Enfield, as well as being suitable for bungalows and chalets. Bungalows will especially benefit from the venture, thanks to the living space which is granted as a result of getting the conversion. However, it won’t work if the property is mid terraced because then there is no end of the roof which is yours, to begin with, and yours to modify. As well as this there has to be sufficient height in your roof for the hip to gable conversion to be cost effective and viable, to begin with.

The Dormer Loft Conversions Enfield 

Another type of loft conversion available for the Enfield area is the dormer loft conversion. This is a structural modification which juts outward from the sloping roof and is used for transforming cramped attics into a usable space. This is achieved by creating more headroom and floor space as well as using special windows to bring light into the room.

There are many different types of dormer loft conversions which are available in Enfield. The most popular and most common type is a single flat roof dormer. This offers the largest amount of space out of all the dormer conversions and is also the most inexpensive to build. It features a large, yet flat single plan roof which slopes downward at a slight angle. This is often used in conjunction with a property that has the gable roof.

Alternatively, you can get something which is known as a doghouse dormer, which is a slightly more stylistic option and thus more attractive for conventional homes. It consists of a gable wall extension which has been built to the existing line of the ridge.

Like the Hip to Gable loft conversion, you don’t need to seek planning permission in order to begin to implement this loft conversion into your property. In most cases, the dormer loft conversion falls within the criteria for permitted development and doesn’t require planning permission. However every council has a different policy with different details and different specifications as to what constitutes permitted development, so it is always worth checking to make sure that what you are trying to do falls within the criteria, so it doesn’t interfere with your plans when it comes to the building work.

Your loft conversion in Enfield will require planning permission if the volume of the planned addition to your property exceeds limits. The current limits for permitted development are 40 m³ for houses which are terraced, and 50 m³ for houses which are semi-detached or detached. These limits apply in relative terms to the size of the house when it was first built or as it was on 1 July 1948, depending on which came first.

Overall these are just a few of the different types of loft conversions which are available for use in the Enfield area. Understandably, each loft conversion brings its strengths and merits to your loft in Enfield, and any loft conversion in the Enfield area is going to be successful when one of these two techniques are used. However, it is entirely at the discretion of the homeowner as to which particular type of loft conversion they choose to implement, and it’s also dependent on things such as where they live in Enfield, and where their property is situated in regards other properties, and how big of a development plan they plan to do. As well as this, it will depend on whether the proposed work falls within the permitted development rules or not, as being outside of the criteria can significantly inconvenience a planned conversion. As these types of things can sometimes be difficult to accomplish, it’s advised that you check with your local authority before you begin to build and create a loft conversion, to ensure that you can work without hindrance.

A Loft Conversion Throughout Enfield

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