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Muswell Hill is a stunning location in the London Borough of Haringey and we understand design and space is everything to make the most of that stunning view out across London. We have earned our reputation for creating stunning loft conversions in Muswell Hill with many of our customers referring friends and families across Muswell Hill and North London.

For Loft Conversions in Muswell Hill and the surrounding areas why not check out our website and our huge portfolio loft conversion projects we have worked on in the Muswell Hill and N10 postcode of London. We have many years of experience of providing the best loft conversions Muswell Hill has to offer with spectacular bespoke loft conversions, transforming vacant lofts and attics into modern, comfortable and functional living spaces.

Our years of experience have earned Foster & Co. a reputation for excellence in the provision of loft conversions for Muswell Hill. We are able to offer customers professional advice, guiding them through the bespoke loft conversion process.

Whether you want to convert your loft into a guest bedroom, playroom or simply wish to expand your home’s living space, Foster & Co are on hand to offer expert advice. We are with you from the planning right up to the completion stage with a dedicated project manager there for you at all times.

Looking for a Bespoke Loft Conversion in Muswell Hill?

A bespoke loft conversion will add value to your home, as well as increasing the availability of space. We are passionate about our projects and will ensure that your loft conversion will perfectly compliment the aesthetic and style of your property.

Our experienced team are fully equipped and capable of meeting your specific requirement, whether you’re thinking of fitting a hip to gable, mansard or dormer loft conversion to your home. View our services page for further information and our gallery page to view examples of Lofts converted by Foster & Co.

Loft Conversions in Muswell Hill N10 London

Things To Consider When You’re Getting A Loft Conversion in Muswell Hill

When you’re thinking of getting a loft conversion in the Muswell Hill area, the decision is usually one which is filled with nothing but good points about how the loft conversion will go on to benefit you and provide things like additional space and an increase in the value of your property. However, there are other things you’ll need to consider when you’re looking into this option, which isn’t necessarily bad but do need to be taken into consideration. We’ve compiled them here for you.

You’ll need planning permission in some instances 

Before you can even begin to make adjustments to your Muswell Hill loft, you’ll need to figure out if you’re going to need to seek planning permission from your local authorities. Most councils and local authorities are contracted, by law, to allow you to make certain modifications to your property without the need to consult them, and this is called permitted development. If you’re unsure about whether your planned loft conversion falls within what is allowed for permitted development, it is always worth checking with the local authority about their criteria and policies, so you can work on the conversion without worry that you’ll be stopped or incur trouble by building outside of the allowed thresholds. 

Do you have sufficient funding?

Before you even begin to plan out the loft conversion for your Muswell Hill loft, you’ll want to make sure that you have adequate funding for the job at hand. Despite being an inexpensive way to increase the space you have on your property, this is still relative to the costs of moving to a bigger property for more space for example. Building firms will often be able to give you a quote for the work, but it can still be anywhere from £25,000 upwards. This is often a worthwhile investment, however, as the loft conversion itself can add between 10 and 20% extra value to your property, so it’s an investment that will pay itself back when you come to sell the property. It is also suggested that you seek out at least three quotes from different companies before selecting the company you wish to work with, to get a feel for the average price you’ll be paying.  

What type of loft conversion do you plan to use?

Like most things, a loft conversion for your Muswell Hill property can have many different forms, all of which have their unique advantages and disadvantages. From the hip to gable conversion, right through to a dormer loft conversion, there’s a different loft conversion for every property. Some are more suitable than others for certain types of property, and some will fall within the criteria for permitted development and others won’t. Having a good understanding of the different types of loft conversions and how each one can benefit you will ensure that you make the best possible choice when selecting the type of loft conversion. 

Does your loft conversion meet building regulations?

When you plan to get your Muswell Hill loft converted, you’ll need to make sure that your planned conversion meets all of the building regulations required. These are criteria you need to meet, regardless of whether you need to get planning permission or not. There are many different criteria, but a few are things like if the room is safe in the event of a fire, needing a safe way out of it and to the door to be fire resistant. As well as this, you’ll also need to make sure that the room is adequately supported by beams and won’t collapse, and that there’s effective sound insulation between that space and other rooms in the house.

Is your ceiling going to be the correct height?

When you look at getting a loft conversion for your property in Muswell Hill, you’ll want to make sure that it is the correct height to make the conversion possible at all. In order for you to be able to have a loft conversion, the space between of your loft floor and ceiling needs to be at least 2.2m from the tallest part for it to qualify. If it isn’t, you’ll either need to get the floor lowered or the ceiling raised, so it’s always worth consulting with a professional if that is the case.

One other important thing you’ll need to consider when you get a loft conversion for your Muswell Hill property is if there’s a shared wall that you’ll need to make adjustments to in order to complete the work. In this instance, you’ll need to talk to your neighbour and explain the situation to them, and then get them to sign a party wall agreement. This is just written consent from your neighbour that they’re okay with you making changes to the wall over the course of your work, and making sure that you have one can really help to protect you from any unexpected complaints and protests that you could encounter midway through the project.

Overall, these are some of the things you’ll need to look out for when you’re going to try and get a loft conversion for your property in the Muswell Hill area. Obviously, you’ll want the building work to be simplistic and hassle free, so making sure you do adequate research into the type of loft conversion, the planning permissions you’ll need if any, and the amount of money you’ll need beforehand will help to ensure this. Lots of professional companies will come to you and do an initial assessment and then give you a quote, which will give you an idea of both the kind of work that needs to be done and the amount you’ll need for the work to be completed. As well as this, make sure that if you have neighbours that you share a wall with, you notify them well in advance of what you plan to do so that everyone involved is fully aware of what’s going on and no one will challenge you during the construction work.

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