What Is A Hip To Gable Loft Conversion? 

For many people, the way they choose to expand their property is with a hip to gable loft conversion. The conversion is well built for the modern house and provides a great way to create an extra room for the property, but many people aren’t aware of what the process is. So what is a hip to gable loft conversion, and why are they so popular in the North London and Hertfordshire area?

What is the hip to gable loft conversion?

The issue that many properties will face is the design of the roof. Most roofs have a hipped roof that has a sloping side. This limits the amount of loft space that is available and limits the number of modifications that can be made to the property. However, a hip and gable loft conversion circumvents this. The design replaces the sloping part of the roof with a vertical wall, which is called the gable. The gable extends out to the same height as the ridge, and this creates extra space that you can use to make another room. The design means that a wide variety of rooms can be created, ranging from an office to another lounge area or even a bedroom. For increased space, properties with two sloping sections can get two conversions installed, which then provides double space, ideal for the houses in the North London area, for example.