North London and Hertfordshire Lofts

How to get the most out of your North London and Hertfordshire Loft converison

Foster and Co North London and Hertfordshire Lofts can not only transform unused space in the roof area of your property but can also advise on how best to utilize every single inch. There are the structural methods which include adding a common standard dormer on to your roof which will give a extra head height in the slopes of the roof. You could also look at Hip to Gable roofs which give an extended section where the roof would slope and creates a box section instead to give additional head height.

For more information on the different methods to convert your London and Hertfordshire loft, visit our services page or call the Foster and Co Team on 0208 441 3144.

Once you have your structural design confirmed, you can start thinking about the interior of your rooms. Foster and Co have five top tips for getting the most you possibly can out of your London and Hertfordshire Loft.

1) SMART LIGHTING: Foster and Co are firm believers that good lighting can transform any room. In today’s modern world, there are so many clever ways to use lighting including spot lights, up lighting, LED strips, and remote controlled themes which can be colored to create different moods. Lighting can make a space buy cialis interesting and atmospheric. You can use Lighting to highlight corners and lift darkened areas.

2) POCKET DOORS: Pocket doors are a fantastic way to save space. Rather than having a typical door which would open inwards to your room and take up space, a pocket door can slide away in to a timber pocket which means that that no space is wasted.

3) WET ROOM: A great way to cleverly use space in a loft bathroom is to create a wet room instead of a standard bathroom. A wet room takes away the need for a large bath and instead allows you to work with the sloping ridges to install something that is modern and creative.

4) VELUX WINDOWS: Velux windows are very common in modern loft conversions. The windows can go into the slope of the roof and flood your room with natural light. Velux windows can also be used on stair wells which opens up the loft access and makes it seem a lot bigger than it actually is.

5) FITTED FURNITURE: Foster and Co have been producing bespoke fitted furniture as long as we have been creating loft conversions. The reason why fitted furniture works so well in loft conversions is because it can be made to measure which will utilize all the different angels that you may have in your loft rooms. By designing your furniture yourself, you know you will have enough room for all your storage needs.



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