The Importance of Light In Your Home Extension or Loft Conversion

When you have a loft conversion or a home extension built in your North London home, you’re creating an even bigger space within your property that you can use for a range of things. Whether you’re using the loft extension for a games room, another bedroom, or simply just a place to store your belongings, you’re going to need to have some natural light inside the room. Light is very important for your property, although some people may not be aware of just how important it is. In order to try and remedy this, we’re taking a look at the importance of light within your loft conversions and home extensions. 

large skylight window to bathroom in loft

Lighting opens up your space and creates a happier environment

You need light to see

While this may well seem like a very basic point, it is in fact a very important reason for why we need light. When you create a loft conversion or home extension for your North London property, you’re obviously going to want the space to be usable. Without a light source in the room, either natural or artificial, you’ll be unable to actually use the room. Without light, you won’t be able to see much more than dim outlines of shapes, and in a room with a complete absence of light, you’ll find yourself unable to see even that. This makes light essential for your loft conversion or home extension if you actually want to be able to use it.  

Light makes you feel good 

From a purely psychological perspective, the presence of light in a room or in our daily lives in fact does make us feel better. People who shut themselves away and don’t allow light to come into the room are more likely to feel sad and less enthusiastic. In a similar way, a room without light is going to develop negative connotations for the people in it, as you unconsciously start to associate that room with negative thoughts and feelings. When you have a loft conversion or a home extension in your North London property, you obviously don’t want this to happen, so it’s important that the room is well lit.  

It helps to keep the room feeling like a positive place 

Following on from the previous point, the lighting which should be present within a loft conversion or home extension within your North London property helps to make sure that the room stays a positive place. A bedroom which is well lit, or a games room which is well lit will help to make sure that you do not start to associate the negative feelings and thoughts with that particular space, and that you instead continue to see it as a good thing which has opened up much more space for you to use.  

It’s good for our health 

Have you ever heard of something called SAD? It is an acronym which stands for Seasonally Affected Disorder, and is basically where the health of people is tied to the weather. For example, people might well feel much more under the weather and without much energy when there’s no natural light, and the skies are just filled with clouds. In this way, the absence of natural light can actually make people feel worse than normal. Ensuring that a room is well lit is also helping to ensure that you stay feeling happy and healthy, which is what you should feel as often as possible when you’re inside your North London loft conversion or home extension.

As well as this, light from the sun brings other health benefits besides the improvement of our overall health. Sunlight contains vitamins B and D, both of which are important for maintaining a healthy balance in the body. As well as this, sunlight has been linked to an improved blood circulation and is also very good for the complexion, with people who do not get enough light looking pale and tired all the time.  

It helps to keep the room in good condition

Another way in which light is good for your North London property is that it can help to keep the room in good condition. With the addition light in a loft conversion or a home extension usually comes windows, which can help to create a good airflow and prevent the build up of damp on the walls. This is very helpful for ensuring that your property stays in a good condition for longer, as the airflow will not become stale and damp will not accumulate, which will protect from the entire wall becoming dangerous and damaged.  

Overall, when you look at the many advantages which both natural and artificial light bring to a loft conversion or home extension in the North London area, it is easy to see why it is so important. Light has many different benefits, both to our physical health, and our mental health as well. If you have spent large quantities of money on a loft conversion or a home extension, then you’re going to be using it a lot. Therefore, you don’t want it to be a place which has very negative connotations attached to it, because then you will be less inclined to use it. As well as this, the absence of light can put a strain on the eyes which is not going to help them, and could even accelerate the development of poor eyesight, which would then require corrective lenses. If you’re having to feel around in a darkened room whenever you need to go and get something, then you’re going to be less inclined to use the room at all, which then nullifies the point of spending money to create it in the first place. Regardless of whether you use natural light or artificial light, the important point is that you make sure a room is well lit whenever you use it, so that you’re not placing a strain on your own eyes, and that you can actually use the room for a space to inhabit, as opposed to a dimly lit storage room somewhere.

Using Skylights To Open Up Your Loft

Skylight Windows – How They Can Open Up Your Room

When you have a loft conversion in the North London area, you’re going to want it to be as big and as appealing as possible, especially if you plan to use it for an extra bedroom, bathroom, games room or just to free up space. To accomplish this, most people employ a skylight to help them. So how can the skylight help you to open up space in your loft? 

What is a skylight?

In order to understand how a skylight can benefit your North London loft conversion, it is important to know what the skylight is. To put it simply, a skylight is a window which is built into a roof or ceiling, and this forms a part of the roof, allowing light to pass through and reach areas which standard windows could not. Some loft conversions can have multiple skylights in depending on the size of the loft conversion and what is being built within the loft conversion space.

large bathroom skylight window built into loft

So how does the skylight help to open up a room?

One of the most important points that a skylight brings to a room is that it provides large quantities of light. The skylight is usually facing straight upwards, which is extremely beneficial for providing an unobscured view of the skies. This not only provides a great view, but also brings lots of light into the room, which helps to make it look bigger. There’s something about a dark room which makes it seem quite small and oppressive, which can be extremely unattractive for people who use the room. Having a skylight means that you can have a large natural light source, which helps to make the room feel warm and inviting, and also makes it seem bigger when it’s in use.  

Skylights will also help to keep a good airflow going through the loft tramadol.html conversion, which helps to give the impression of space and an almost outdoors feel, which will help people to see how big the space really is. There’d be fewer dark corners, if any, and less of an uninhabited feel to it, instead conjuring up images of a big and welcoming space, which is regularly used by people and has a very homely feel to it, making it seem more less of a conversion and more of just another room in the house.  

Overall, the advantages to having a skylight in your North London Loft Conversion are many, and it’s great for helping to open up a room and make it seem more welcoming. When you get a loft conversion, a lot of people use it for a social room of some kind, whether that is a games room or a home cinema, and some people even turn it into two another bedroom. When you do that, and the space is going to be used by lots of individuals, you’ll want it to look welcoming and bright, which is good from both a social perspective and creates a good space psychologically. Having a skylight accomplishes this well, giving you lots of natural light, as well as a good view of the sky above in the right weather, and is well recommended to help open up space which is being used.

The biggest supplier and most well known fabricator of skylights windows is Velux and they are the benchmark standard for design and functionality of windows, if you are thinking of building a loft conversion to your North London or Hertfordshire home then why not check out their website to get an idea of what can be achieved and make sure you speak to one of our loft experts if you want to know more about converting your loft in general.

The Importance of Light In Loft Conversions


When designing the loft conversion for a North London property, many people fail to consider the importance of the lighting which is used to ensure the room is properly lit. There are different types of lighting for different circumstances, but which lighting should you use, and why are they important within a loft conversion?

What are the different types of lights for loft conversions?

First of all, it is important to understand that when we talk about the light, we’re talking about the kind of roof lights which are installed, to allow light to pass through the glass panes into the room from above. One of the primary types of roof lights and one of the most well known is the skylight. The skylight is a window that is applied to the roof and can often cover entire sections of the roof, providing a clear view of the sky at night, which is where the window derives it’s name. As well as this, there are Velux windows, which are built into the sides of the roof, to provide light that filters in with the rising of the sun.

Skylights installed to North London home

Example of two skylight windows installed to a North London home.

So why is lighting within a loft conversion such an important thing?

Lighting within any kind of room is always an important element, as the way a room is lit can alter the entire doxycycline online atmosphere and feel of a room. A well-lit room opens up a wide variety of possibilities for what you can do with the space provided, particularly with a loft conversion. The space opens up the property in a way that most other extensions don’t do, and so ensuring that it is lit means you can do more than just store things. If the room is well lit, then you can turn it into a lounge space or even another bedroom. Having a room which is dark and oppressive can alter the entire atmosphere of the space, and make it unappealing to be in.

The lighting within the loft conversion is necessary because you need to remove all of the dark corners within a space. While most properties are designed with windows which are placed in the most tactical of places, to remove as much darkness as possible, this won’t be the case with a loft conversion, as this will need to be done by you, once you’ve decided which type of lighting you’ll need. If you have a particularly good view of a lake or the country, then using the Velux windows is a good idea, because they’re built into the slope of the roof. If there’s no such view present, then creating a skylight is a better idea, because then you’ll have a great view of the night sky if you want it, which is preferable for stargazers and other similar types of people.

Overall, the different types of roof lights for loft conversions will depend upon the kind of property you have and the type of view you want. Both bring different appeals to different people, and perhaps it’s best to combine the two main types of lights together, to maximise the amount of light in the room, and create the best possible space. There are many benefits to having a loft conversion installed to your North London or Hertfordshire home and the lighting is essential to ensuring the space feels more like another room rather than your loft space. Using the right skylights and techniques you can really create a stunning space in your existing home that you will want to spend time in.

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