What is a Velux Loft Conversion?

When it comes to a loft conversion for your North London property, people will consider a variety of different options to find the one that is best for them. This does, of course, prompt some debate as to what the best kind of loft conversion is. Many people choose to use a Velux loft conversion for their Hertfordshire home, but much more don’t even know what it is. So, what is a Velux loft conversion?

Velux Loft Conversion – An Overview

For many people, the Velux loft conversion is an ideal choice for their North London or Hertfordshire home, but a lot of individuals don’t know what it is or how it is helpful. The Velux loft conversion is a design that uses Velux windows, which are installed into the pitch of the roof, and this allows light into the room. This type of conversion works best when you have a lot of headroom because you don’t need to raise the roof up any higher, which saves money and time. We have completed many a loft conversion throughout North London including Barnet and Finchley and velux conversions are proving more and more popular.

This makes the Velux loft conversion an entirely different entity from other loft conversions. Other conversions for your North London home may feel oppressive and absent of natural light, which can have an adverse impact on the mental health of the people who are in it. The difference that a Velux loft conversion offers is that the light is all natural, and built into the pitch of the home to allow as much light to pass into the room as possible.

velux loft conversion in North London

Why Is A Velux Loft Conversion The Right Choice For Me?

There are many reasons why a Velux loft conversion is the right thing for your home. For one thing, it is a much easier path to take when it comes to making changes to your North London property. This is because there is no need to seek planning permission from the local authority when you opt for a Velux loft conversion. Unlike other loft conversions, which would alter the shape and configuration of your Hertfordshire home, the Velux loft conversion doesn’t change the shape of the roof in any way, and there’s no added length or width to your loft once the windows are installed. The focus is more on the introduction of natural light into the property, and not broadening the space you have in any big way, instead utilising the existing space to its fullest potential.

Another reason that Velux loft conversions are an excellent choice for a North London home is the versatility. It may not always be possible for you to use other loft conversions, whether this is because of safety concerns or a lack of space. The Velux loft conversion means that the windows can be fitted onto virtually any property with a pitched roof, which means that nearly all properties can benefit from this course of action. You can also upgrade and change the windows that you have installed according to your needs, with some being able to improve the amount of insulation you get from sildenafil.html noises out in the streets, and others being a thicker and more durable layer of glass for added safety.

As well as this, the Velux windows utilise cutting-edge technology to make your loft conversion as sophisticated as possible. This is demonstrated with the additional upgrade that is a rain sensor, that can detect when it is raining and then close the windows to protect the inside. Your loft conversion in your Hertfordshire home is going to be a space that you use, so you’ll obviously want to keep it in good condition and free from rain damage.

3 velux windows installed in to loft conversion

One of the bigger advantages of a Velux loft conversion is the amount of money and time that you’re going to save. When you convert the loft in your Hertfordshire home, it is a process which takes a long time, and can often be very costly, as you’ll need to redesign the roof to accommodate the new space completely, and the new dimensions, plus it has to comply with safety regulations; planning permission is also something you need to get, and this is a process which can take a long time to get in some instances. The Velux loft conversion different in that regard because you don’t need planning permission, and you’re instead primarily just putting in the windows for the property, which will save you a lot of time and will not be anywhere near as expensive to do.

Overall, with all of the features and benefits that a Velux loft conversion can bring to your home, it is easy to see why it is such a popular choice for people in the North London and Hertfordshire areas. Time and money are often large factors which influence whether we choose to pursue a certain choice or option, and when you’re spending a lot of money for something which will take longer, a lot of people are inclined to find another way. The loft conversion is helpful in that sense because it is a much less expensive way of making your loft usable, and as a conversion is also completable in a reduced time scheme. You’ll often find that people will opt for the Velux loft conversion because it is a quicker and easier process, and doesn’t require planning permission. Not having to seek approval from the local authorities makes the entire task a much more straightforward process, as there is every chance that you’ll either be put on a waiting list for evaluation, only to then have someone come and look at the house, and then you’ll find that you can’t even get the loft conversion you want anyway. With a Velux loft conversion, you can easily and quickly get started with your loft conversion, and you can begin enjoying all of the benefits of space with natural light without the need to wait and plan and seek approval. It makes for a much easier and more efficient way of turning your loft into space which you can use and make the most out of, without the hassle of a complete construction and conversion.

The Importance of Light In Loft Conversions


When designing the loft conversion for a North London property, many people fail to consider the importance of the lighting which is used to ensure the room is properly lit. There are different types of lighting for different circumstances, but which lighting should you use, and why are they important within a loft conversion?

What are the different types of lights for loft conversions?

First of all, it is important to understand that when we talk about the light, we’re talking about the kind of roof lights which are installed, to allow light to pass through the glass panes into the room from above. One of the primary types of roof lights and one of the most well known is the skylight. The skylight is a window that is applied to the roof and can often cover entire sections of the roof, providing a clear view of the sky at night, which is where the window derives it’s name. As well as this, there are Velux windows, which are built into the sides of the roof, to provide light that filters in with the rising of the sun.

Skylights installed to North London home

Example of two skylight windows installed to a North London home.

So why is lighting within a loft conversion such an important thing?

Lighting within any kind of room is always an important element, as the way a room is lit can alter the entire doxycycline online atmosphere and feel of a room. A well-lit room opens up a wide variety of possibilities for what you can do with the space provided, particularly with a loft conversion. The space opens up the property in a way that most other extensions don’t do, and so ensuring that it is lit means you can do more than just store things. If the room is well lit, then you can turn it into a lounge space or even another bedroom. Having a room which is dark and oppressive can alter the entire atmosphere of the space, and make it unappealing to be in.

The lighting within the loft conversion is necessary because you need to remove all of the dark corners within a space. While most properties are designed with windows which are placed in the most tactical of places, to remove as much darkness as possible, this won’t be the case with a loft conversion, as this will need to be done by you, once you’ve decided which type of lighting you’ll need. If you have a particularly good view of a lake or the country, then using the Velux windows is a good idea, because they’re built into the slope of the roof. If there’s no such view present, then creating a skylight is a better idea, because then you’ll have a great view of the night sky if you want it, which is preferable for stargazers and other similar types of people.

Overall, the different types of roof lights for loft conversions will depend upon the kind of property you have and the type of view you want. Both bring different appeals to different people, and perhaps it’s best to combine the two main types of lights together, to maximise the amount of light in the room, and create the best possible space. There are many benefits to having a loft conversion installed to your North London or Hertfordshire home and the lighting is essential to ensuring the space feels more like another room rather than your loft space. Using the right skylights and techniques you can really create a stunning space in your existing home that you will want to spend time in.

Here are some main players in Skylights, feel free to click the links below to view their websites:


Loft Conversion in North London and Hertfordshire

Leading the way with imaginative Lofts

So, you have decided you would like a Loft conversion in North London or Hertfordshire? …. But have you thought about your storage, your style or glazing?

The design of your project is vital to making sure that your loft Conversion will accommodate your needs. After all, if you are going to commit to a development on your property, it has to be ultimately enhance your home life.

Foster and Co Lofts have worked with many clients on their Loft Conversions in North London or Hertfordshire and over the years, we have advised on many tricks and techniques which turn a standard project into an individual and personal conversion.

In order to make sure that your project will encompass all that you want for you home, you must first ask yourself ‘why am I doing this?’

The main reasons that Foster and Co Lofts see within our clients reasoning are space and storage.

Trying to balance a growing family with the ever changing housing marketing creates a difficult decision, move or upgrade existing. Due to the stability of the market, it seems a safer and more reliable option to enhance what you already have.

In that respect, what is the best way to make the most of your space and create storage? Foster and Co think that utilising the unusual shape of the eaves is both a creative and intelligent way to maximise tramadol online space for your Loft Conversion or North London and Hertfordshire

The eaves are the part of a roof that meets or overhangs the walls of a building. This creates a triangular shape and can be seen as restrictive. However, Foster and Co think this is just an opportunity to be imaginative. The shape of the eaves can help you create fantastic fitted furniture. Cupboards, drawers and dressers that are made to measure and fit snugly within the eave space allow you to create a feature out of what could potentially be an awkward space.

The eaves can also be used to bring large amounts of light into your loft conversion. Velux is a top quality supplier of angled roof windows and as they work with the pitch of your roof, they are the perfect way to bring the outside in and make the most of otherwise unused wall space.

There are many tricks of the trade the will help you design the best possible build for your Loft conversion in North London or Hertfordshire. Foster and Co would be happy to meet with you to discuss your options and inspire you with ideas and options that you may not have even considered!

Contact the Foster and Co Team now to start your Loft Conversion Journey!


Amazing Loft Conversions in North London and Hertfordshire


Increase space and add value with style, class and loft top views

We have been so busy at Foster and Co Lofts, working on Loft Conversions across North London and Hertfordshire. To see some of our most recent projects, click on our gallery below!

Are you thinking of having your own Loft Conversion in North London and Hertfordshire? If so, we are happy to guide you through the process, assisting you with the many queries involved in a project of this nature.

A loft Conversion is a fantastic way to add both value and space to your home. With any project, there are of course regulations to follow in order to make sure that your new home will meet all the standards required.

We feature a lot of information on our website which will inform of what you should consider when thinking of adding a Loft Conversion in North London or Hertfordshire. Click on the link below to take you to our services page.

You can also find priligy online information on the vast world wide web. For further research, Foster and Co Lofts have found a brilliantly informative website link which can advise on planning and how this works with Loft Conversions in North London and Hertfordshire which usually fall in to the permitted development category.

As well as the many images of stunning Lofts Conversions on our gallery, we have also found a beautiful example of how a project like this can really expand your home and increase the living space for your property. A lovely family based Coventry needed extra space desperately for their ever growing foster family. In order to do so, they completely renovated their home, including a full dormer Loft Conversion which gave them an incredible three more bedrooms’ and an additional bathroom. Not only is this an inspiring story in terms of personal generosity, it can also inspire families to create Lofts Conversion in North London and Hertfordshire in a truly creative and exciting way!


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In London, a large garden space is not a luxury many households have. When deciding how best to add value to your property, many of our clients simply don’t have the space to build an extension and when gardens are a luxury, it seems it is better to ‘go up rather than go out’

A loft conversion is smart building. It is utilizing space that you already have but are not using. Most property have an empty space in the roof which is too often overloaded with old junk and of course, that box of Christmas decorations from 1989!

Many surveys conducted over the last few years show that a loft conversion can add up to 10% value to your property. In today’s current market, this is an exceptional opportunity and one that buy ambien online many are thankful for at a later date.

A trend that has been identified for 2016 is the Home Office. This has already become a regular occurrence in the past few years as more and more people have excessive workloads that spill over in to home life or entrepreneurs that have started their own business need a hub to work from. Adding a home office in to your loft conversion will give you the option of transforming in to a bedroom at a later date if needed.

Another 2016 Trend is the addition of an ensuite in a Loft Conversion. Especially if your objective is to add another bedroom, an ensuite is not only ideal and practical, it can also be a stunning and modern way to take advantage of the ‘hotel room chic’ style that is becoming very popular.

If you are interested in finding out the benefits of a Loft Conversion, then Contact the Foster and Group and we will be happy to discuss your potential project with you.

Advise On Planning Applications For Your North London Loft Conversion


The Down Low On Your Dormer – Loft Conversion For North London And Hertfordshire

So as most people who are thinking about undertaking a loft conversion or in fact any type of construction on their home should know all about planning and what their council specifies must be done. This can vary between councils so make sure you know the regulations.

Sometimes it may be confusing with so many parties involved in the Build control of your project. With Clients getting muddled whether it is their architects, contractors or themselves who should put in the planning notices, sometimes this may get lost in translation. In researching this blog, I came across an article which shows the one of the unfortunate outcomes if the planning does not get completed properly.

An architect in Handbridge, Chester had designed a Loft conversion with a dormer extension for a family strattera online home. There was also a single story extension in the project. Unfortunately, their dream home has caused issues as no one had sought the correct planning consent before the project begun. Due to this, the surrounding neighbors have been extremely unhappy with the design and have lodged complaints. The unfortunate owners of the property in question have now been the subject to comments from the neighbors which the architect describes as ‘Nasty’. Although this seems to be a simple miscommunication between the architect and the home owners it has tainted the dream of the perfect home. Although retrospective planning is now being sought, the home owners will still have to decide if they can overcome the angry neighbors and make a good life in the community.

The Foster And Co Group Always Ensures Your Loft Conversion Is Warm And Cosy!

For Perfectly Professional Loft Conversions, Contact The Foster and Co Group!


The Foster and Co Group know how to create the perfect Loft Conversion. In the summer, our Clients discuss the views from windows, the space and the brightness of the room. These are obvious priorities for us as we know they are important to the Client, however as Builders, we know how important it is for you Loft Conversion to be insulated properly so when the winter comes, you are warm and cosy.

Many people may be under the impression that you can complete your Loft Conversion yourself! Foster and Co would never recommend this as there are strict building control regulations that must be adhered too, this of course includes insulation. This is why Foster and Co Lofts are dedicated to creating the perfect room for you. No matter how desperate you are for the additional space, we know you’re your Loft Conversion should still be carried out properly and even more so, to a highly professional standard. The Foster and Co team are extremely knowledgeable on the building standards that must be met when completing a Loft Conversion and will work with architects and structural engineers in order to ensure every aspect of your Loft Conversion is carried out to perfection.

In particular, as these cold months draw in, your Loft Conversion should be comfortable, warm and safe for you to use. The Foster and Co team can advise on the different options available to our clients when opting for a Loft Conversion and make sure that every detail is considered in the design.

If you are interested in added extra space and additional value to your home then don’t wait any longer! The Foster and Co team will be happy to discuss your possible designs and how best to execute them within your property.

Contact our Office now for advice and appointments.

Modern Loft Conversions by Foster and Co Lofts!


Dark and Dreary Loft Converions? Never with Foster and Co Lofts!


A new phrase has been heard doing the rounds in Home Development…. Move up, not out! Loft Conversions are now the most common Home Development across London with the RICS (Royal Institute of Charter Surveyors) even stating it is the ‘rise of the people’s penthouse’

For such a busy and crowded city such as London, this is the best possible solution to find some extra space. Where a lot of properties may not have the exterior space on the ground level, there is usually unused areas to be found when going up in the attic and roof. This is the reason why Foster and Co Lofts are extremely busy and are converting lofts across North London and Hertfordshire with efficiency, provision and creativity.

Whilst traditional Loft Conversions mainly feature Mansard Roofs and Dormers where the roof simply is extended, a more modern take is to take the standard dormer and create amazing balconies with clever glazing options. Juliet balconies are also a strong buy soma feature amongst our many Loft Conversions. By using the dormer to its full capability and utilising the new room’s views, glazing and large openings can really bring an attic room to life. For people concerned that a Loft Conversion may be dark and dreary, think again! Today’s Loft Conversions are bright, airy and usually allow in endless streams of light. This is usually due to clever designs and brilliant use of windows and doors.

For more information about how to utilise every inch of space in your loft then click on the link for a brilliant article!

Foster and Co Lofts are a dynamic company that keep evolving with the changing times. The construction industry moves with the trends and as new designs come in to people’s homes, the ideas begin to spread across the country. Foster and Co will never complete a simple project that doesn’t bring any excitement or inspiration. Our experienced teams love nothing more than working on a truly stunning project where they can really use their skills to make a something special.

If you think Foster and Co lofts are the company for you, then contact us now to find out more!

Do You Know The Planning Laws For Your Loft Conversion?



Know the Facts For Your Loft Conversion!

The Foster and Co Group are very familiar with the different planning laws for your Loft Conversion. Over the years that our Foster and Co Loft Conversion team has been operating, we have seen many different scenarios that have highlighted how the planning laws for a Loft conversion will affect each project individually.

In theory, you do not need planning permission for your Loft Conversion. A Loft Conversion is usually considered permitted development which means almost anyone has the right to convert the Loft area in their house. This is dependant however on whether you are extending or altering the roof space and specified regulations must still be followed.

Please click our Planning Portal link which allows you to check on the strict rules that apply to converting ambienonline your loft space.

In reference to these planning laws, you may need some assistance if you are not clear on what your property must adhere too. Each and every Loft Conversion is different and therefore you should always work with a good contractor like the Foster and Co Group or an architect who can advise you on how the regulations will affect your project.

Sometimes, the wording of a planning law can be ambiguous. I have found an article on the Planning resource Website This described a case study in which the client was not entirely sure on how he should interpret the independent planning laws for his own property and in this case was unsuccessful in fighting to convert his Loft with a Dormer. It is exactly because of this article that we urge all our clients and in fact, anyone who is thinking of doing a Loft Conversion, to research their property and get advice from credited Architects and Contractors.

For more information about your Loft Conversion, contact the dedicated Foster and Co Loft Conversion team now!

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