The Importance of Light In Loft Conversions


When designing the loft conversion for a North London property, many people fail to consider the importance of the lighting which is used to ensure the room is properly lit. There are different types of lighting for different circumstances, but which lighting should you use, and why are they important within a loft conversion?

What are the different types of lights for loft conversions?

First of all, it is important to understand that when we talk about the light, we’re talking about the kind of roof lights which are installed, to allow light to pass through the glass panes into the room from above. One of the primary types of roof lights and one of the most well known is the skylight. The skylight is a window that is applied to the roof and can often cover entire sections of the roof, providing a clear view of the sky at night, which is where the window derives it’s name. As well as this, there are Velux windows, which are built into the sides of the roof, to provide light that filters in with the rising of the sun.

Skylights installed to North London home

Example of two skylight windows installed to a North London home.

So why is lighting within a loft conversion such an important thing?

Lighting within any kind of room is always an important element, as the way a room is lit can alter the entire doxycycline online atmosphere and feel of a room. A well-lit room opens up a wide variety of possibilities for what you can do with the space provided, particularly with a loft conversion. The space opens up the property in a way that most other extensions don’t do, and so ensuring that it is lit means you can do more than just store things. If the room is well lit, then you can turn it into a lounge space or even another bedroom. Having a room which is dark and oppressive can alter the entire atmosphere of the space, and make it unappealing to be in.

The lighting within the loft conversion is necessary because you need to remove all of the dark corners within a space. While most properties are designed with windows which are placed in the most tactical of places, to remove as much darkness as possible, this won’t be the case with a loft conversion, as this will need to be done by you, once you’ve decided which type of lighting you’ll need. If you have a particularly good view of a lake or the country, then using the Velux windows is a good idea, because they’re built into the slope of the roof. If there’s no such view present, then creating a skylight is a better idea, because then you’ll have a great view of the night sky if you want it, which is preferable for stargazers and other similar types of people.

Overall, the different types of roof lights for loft conversions will depend upon the kind of property you have and the type of view you want. Both bring different appeals to different people, and perhaps it’s best to combine the two main types of lights together, to maximise the amount of light in the room, and create the best possible space. There are many benefits to having a loft conversion installed to your North London or Hertfordshire home and the lighting is essential to ensuring the space feels more like another room rather than your loft space. Using the right skylights and techniques you can really create a stunning space in your existing home that you will want to spend time in.

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