Homes in the UK are small when you take in to account our American cousin’s homes will have up to 3 times more space than your average home in London. Where we are in North London, space is always an issue, as land becomes increasingly more sparse, it is time to look up to create that extra space, and this where a loft conversion comes in to it’s own. Loft Conversions are extremely versatile and depending on the type of property you own, can mean the difference between extending your home, or moving home. However, we have identified some great reasons and benefits to having a loft conversion.

1. Add value to your home

Home Extensions and Loft Conversions are known to increase the value of your property by up to £25k (London prices) and a loft conversion is one of the few additions to the home that actually adds a considerable value to your home.

2. Stay – Don’t Move

When it comes to moving, we all know how stressful that is, especially when you have kids and you are already happy in the area you live in. If you are looking to expand to add a bedroom, bathroom, study then installing a loft conversion is the best way to do it. No stressful moving, minimal disruption to your home and you get the extra space, oh – and there is also going back to number 1.

3. Open Up Space in The Home

With our UK homes being so small, what we actually forget is that by adding a loft conversion, we are also adding space to the rest of the home. This means that by moving the clutter and furniture in to the new loft conversion, it is freeing up space in the rest of the home, meaning you will probably feel like your home just got a whole lot bigger!

4. Noise Pollution – Do More!

The thing about a good loft conversion is that they are generally detached from other properties. Even if your property is a semi-detached or terraced town house, you will find that a loft conversion means you can make more noise and not annoy those neighbours. So, if you are a budding band, drummer or guitar enthusiast, you can make that noise in the loft conversion and your neighbours can enjoy peace and quiet.

5. Daylight Through Velux Windows

When installing your loft conversion, bring extra light to your home with Velux Windows, these are the best windows for loft conversions and generally two to four windows for an average size loft conversion will do the trick.

These are just a few of the reasons why a loft conversion is beneficial for any home, if you want to know more about loft conversions, why not get in touch with us today, we are based in North London and cover Barnet, Finchley, Wood Green, St Albans and Hertfordshire.